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Single Sign-On Has Arrived!

Welcome back!  If you haven’t already heard, Kirtland has moved to Single Sign-on.  With this, comes a few changes on how you will log into some of your web applications (i.e. SparkyEmail, myKirtland, etc.), but the change shouldn’t be too big if you can remember your myKirtland login. What is Single Sign-On? The benefits of […]

Live Streaming for Graduation 2012

Like last year, Kirtland will be providing a live video stream of the graduation ceremony.  If you have family or friends who cannot make the trip or you would just like to be part of Kirtland’s graduation, graduation can viewed as it takes place live over the internet.  It will require a high-speed internet connection […]

On the Horizon

Single sign-on has been on the agenda for eServices.  With single-sign-on you will have one username and password that connects you to your myKirtland, your Sparky Email and any other online applications.  Once you log in you can access all of these services without having to re-enter a password every time. We’ve been researching and […]

Class Cancellations by Text Message


Here’s a quick tip: You can receive text messages when your instructor cancels a class. In my last post I mentioned Rave Mobile Safety, our emergency alert system for texting and email.  Through this same service we are also providing class cancellation notification to all Kirtland students.  You may have already noticed that you are getting […]

Rave On!: New Emergency Notification Service for Students and Staff


You may have noticed that you received an e-mail in your school email regarding Rave Mobile Safety recently.  We are proud to announce the addition of Rave Alerts as one of the new services offered to our staff and students! In a collaborative effort between Public Safety, Student Services and eServices, a new system for […]

The Next Generation of Classrooms

eLearning Classroom

If you were asked what a typical layout of a classroom would be, you would probably say that there would be rows of desks arranged in a grid-like form.  There would most likely be a whiteboard or a projector screen at the front of the room.  The teacher would instruct from the front of the […]

SparkyMail Update: Google Has Increased Email Storage

From SparkyMail Screen

A nice thing about using Google for our email and applications is that they are always making changes to their products; providing improvements and new features.  A few weeks ago, we received message from them that they have upped their storage space for emails from 7GB to 25GB for Kirtland Community College.  So, if your […]

Kirtland in the Cloud: Google’s Chromebook and Cloud Computing

Google Chromebook back view

After seeing the Google I/O 2011 Keynote, there was some excitement in the office about Google’s new Chromebook.  The idea of a completely cloud-based operating system is game-changing. If you are wondering what cloud-based computing is, open up your Google Docs and start typing.  This is a cloud application, because your document is not being created and stored on […]

Viewing Your Email Differently: Using Google Groups

How to access Google Groups

        One really neat feature within SparkyMail is the ability to create a Google Group.  A Google Group is a collection of email and documents shared between chosen friends or co-workers.  This collection is displayed like an online forum or Facebook Group discussion.  You can even respond to emails as if you […]

Google Spreadsheets

Google Documents link

Are you looking for a quick way to collect, share, or analyze information?  You might want to check out Google Spreadsheet available in Google Documents right from your SparkyMail window. With Spreadsheet you can easily crate a form to send via email or post on the web to collect information.  What’s really great is that all the […]