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Italian, French, Chinese, Samoan; how much do you know about your roots? The Kirtland Library can make studying your family history easier with our many genealogy titles. We have books to help you search for your ancestors on the web and others to get you started assembling your family tree. Come check them out on […]

“Music is the emotional life of most people.” Leonard Cohen

Do you listen to it, produce it, create it? Is your favorite style jazz, rock, classical, hip-hop or all of the above? The Display Table in the library will have something for music lovers of all types. Check out our music-themed collection to learn the history of this fine art, and you may even be […]


Archaeologists believe that the art and technology of pottery making began during the Neolithic period sometimes known as the New Stone age. Ceramic objects were discovered in the Czech Republic and in China from as far back as 29,000 BCE. Since the dawn of technology, pottery has been a part of our lives both as […]

The Other Peninsula!

The sometimes overlooked peninsula of The Great Lakes State is filled with wilderness and wonders! This recreation paradise offers hunting, fishing, skiing and hiking! It’s rich with the history of Michigan’s native peoples and European immigrants. During the last century, the natural resources of this region contributed greatly to our state’s prosperity and strength as […]

Social Media: the new power tool!

In the beginning, social media was all fun and games. Today, it’s still fun and games, but so much more! Colleges and universities are making use of students’ connections to sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, to help them manage their studies and use campus services. Businesses network using these avenues, and both job […]

Everyone loves a good mystery. Visit the library to see the collection of Michigan mysteries featured on our display table! Some are fact; some are fiction; all are entertaining!

Stop by the library display table for an introduction to the exciting field of law enforcement. This is an area you may want to investigate further if you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career.

The Economy

Who knows whether our economy is finally improving? What we do know is that the economy, simply put,  is defined by buying and selling which in turn depends on advertising and marketing! Whether you are a buyer or seller or both, you may want to check out the library display table for a look at […]

So stylish!

Fashion! What’s in; what’s out? High heels or flats? Long hair or short? Come to the library to check out the fashion and style exhibit on the display table to help you with your next shopping trip or to learn about fashion trends throughout history. Books are always in style!

Lighthouses: perennial favorites!

Of the over 500 lighthouses in the United States, Michigan alone has over 120. Since 1764 with the construction of the oldest original lighthouse in America, lighthouses have fascinated us with their history and architecture. Why are they painted differently? Which is the tallest and the brightest? What are they made of and what is […]