Caught Reading…

Introducing...our Caught Reading mascot!

As promised, we here at the KCC Library will be out and about checking in with staff, faculty, and students to keep a finger on the pulse of what Kirtland is reading. Our trusty mascot (since I’m kicking this series off, and therefore have authority, albeit by default…) is my loyal mutt, Squirrelly.

Because Squirrelly’s only lukewarm on his current reading selection, he’s interested in what others around Kirtland are reading and can recommend. Though in the midst of Best-Loved Dog Stories chosen by the editor’s of Reader’s Digest, he’s open to suggestions. And although most of his time is spent napping in his retirement years, he’s always ready for an entertaining read. So get ready, Kirtland, to shine in our blog series, “Caught Reading,” as we highlight some great (and maybe not-so-great) stories with which to while away the hours…

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Former Kirtland Community College reference librarian.

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